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Welcome to Global Giving Advisors

GGA advises individuals and families on strategic and effective philanthropy. We help identify goals and strategies, structure grant making initiatives, analyze giving options, and evaluate results. We work with legal and financial advisors, investment counselors and wealth managers to integrate innovative philanthropic solutions for their clients' through independent, impartial fee-based advice. GGA serves the needs of clients around the globe.

While it can be a challenge to maximize the benefits of philanthropy, Global Giving Advisors, LLC works with its clients to develop individualized philanthropic portfolios which enhance the human, intellectual, social and financial impact of philanthropy suited to the client goal and objectives. We are experienced at looking at opportunities from both quantitative and qualitative perspectives and have substantial knowledge of African development initiatives and microfinance.

Effective philanthropy requires a strategic approach and an understanding of measurable outcomes that are consistent with donor's goals, as well as a clear understanding of the context in which the philanthropy operates. We seek to create relationships and collaborate with others in the philanthropic sector to maximize impact.

The Process

GGA will work with you in three steps:

1. Develop a Plan

2. Construct a portfolio consistent with goals & objectives

3. Implement, analyze and review your plan.

Global Giving Advisors
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